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As a manufacturer of machines you will definitely be familiar with the example below. Your customer or importer overseas buys a machine from you. The machine has to be shipped in a container. However, the container is not used to the full and your customer buys an additional machine from another party. Your customer then asks whether you can also load the machine which you didn’t supply into a container.

This soon leads to a discussion about transport, the costs and liability. Dealing with documents and customs formalities could also lead to problems.

It is also possible that the machine is too large to be loaded into one container so it has to be dismantled and loaded into the container in parts.
In this case there are lots of small yet often heavy components which have to be loaded by hand.  This can often result in technical health and safety conflicts with your staff due to the weights to be lifted and it will result in lots of working hours due to the lack of useful equipment to assist with the work.
It is therefore often better for you as a manufacturer to make use of Container Loading services.  A loading plan will be discussed with you and your customer beforehand to prevent any misunderstandings.
Our wide knowledge of technology and machinery means that your cargo is in safe hands with us; it will be expertly loaded and shipped.

It is also conceivable that you as an end user located overseas wish to purchase a machine in Europe.
We can take care of matters and assist you in this case as well. This may include inspection of the machine you have purchased, transport within Europe, dismantling, customs formalities plus loading and securing in a container. We can ultimately deliver the container to the port or directly to your premises.

We have succeeded in building up a solid, reliable network over the last 10 years thanks to good cooperation with carefully selected forwarding agents, shipping companies and transport companies.
This network makes it possible for us to be of service to you both quickly and efficiently if you are looking for reliable shipping of your machine. A loading plan will be discussed with you and your customer beforehand to prevent any misunderstandings.

If your shipments/machine delivery require a longer period, we can store the machines for you at our facilities until the load is complete.

We only use new lashing straps and wood which meets the ISPM 15 standard for securing your machines.
With wooden packaging it is possible that various organisms will also travel so diseases can be passed on, making specific requirements necessary in relation to the import and export of wooden packaging. In order to prevent a great diversity of measures and regulations and to prevent the threat of barriers to trade, the IPPC (International Plant Protection Convention) has worked on a global standard which includes a number of measures which can be applied to wooden packaging. The global standard ISPM 15 is the result of this.
Container Loading only uses ISPM 15 timber.

Of course used machines also have to be exported on occasions. Container Loading can also be of service to you in this case. We can clean and decontaminate your machines at our premises. This will, however, incur additional costs due to the fact that no plant residues and/or soil may remain on the machine.

Our strengths:

Initial transport of your machines
Initial transport of containers
Expert dismantling
Precise coding and photographic manual for end user if necessary
New lashing material
ISPM 15 packaging standards
Reliable and discreet.
Correct handling of documents.
Delivery to ultimate destination.

Feel free to contact us if you require further information. We will be delighted to hear from you.

We have worked with machines from the following manufacturers:

Bijlsma Hercules

And many more